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"Sprayed Polyurethane Foam can add structural integrity to a building's envelope. The National Association of Home Builders Research Center concluded after testing SPF in stud wall construction, that a structure braced with SPF filled walls will have less damage and permanent deformation of wall elements during a hurricane."

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET (R-value, Fire Rating, Etc.)

"Sprayed Polyurethane Foam contains no Formaldehyde, Freon or CFCs, and because it is a closed-cell product it will not off-gas after initial installation. Polyurethane foam provides air-tight, high R-factor insulation for the life of the building."

Spray-on Polyurethane Foam (SPF)

The Highest R-value in the Industry
Insulation is rated in terms of thermal resistance - R-value - which indicates the resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness. SPF has the highest R-value of all readily available, cost-effective insulation in the industry today.

Reduces or Eliminates Convection Looping

Temperature differences between the unconditioned outside air and the conditioned living space can create convective looping (warm air rising, cold air falling) within a stud cavity. The impact of this looping degrades the R-value of most common forms of insulation and causes additional load on your home's heating and cooling system. The superior R-value and unique sealing characteristics of SPF reduce this temperature variance and the effect of convective looping, saving you energy dollars.

Meets Building Code Requirements
Don't worry about durability. Aside from adding structural integrity, SPF is approved by all three national building codes and will perform for the life of your building. Its exceptional thermal and structural characteristics will save you, and generations to come, from the problems associated with the high cost of energy.

Creates a Healthy Living Space
Spray-on Polyurethane Foam effectively protects your living space form unwanted moisture build-up and condensation caused by warm moist air meeting cool dry air within the building envelope (stud cavities, attics). Installed by a Qualified Contractor, the foam effectively seals your home against unwanted moisture.